looks like fall

skirt and trench: h&m, sweater: gap, boots and necklace: banana republic

I can’t wait for the warm weather, sundresses, sandals, home-grown vegetables and backyard barbeques. I am ready to put away the jackets and boots.



magazine addict

I LOVE magazines so much that it might be unhealthy. My husband is constantly trying to get me to part with old magazines and I’m sure my mailman hates me for having to lug so many delivered each month (or week… I love you US.) The ideas, the inspiration, the glossy pages, the portablity and the crisp breaking of the spine when you open a fresh magazine all bring a smile to my face. I am still mourning the loss of Domino, the book is just not the same. While there is no online substitute for ripping out a magazine page that inspires you, I have newly embraced online magazines and here are some of my faves:





High Gloss



And Anthology, which is not an online magazine, but deserves special mention because new printed magazines are so rare.


catching up

We spent a fantastic Sunday catching up and goofing around. We strolled around Union Square, grabbed lunch at Cafe De La Presse, and spent some quality time at Zara and Barneys, where the dressing rooms had these fun silhouettes with names and personality snipets.

Then we relaxed on the couch with the cutest baby ever.

And he might be the only person in the world who is still super cute after using the Fatbooth app.

And somehow, as the afternoon came to an end and we both put on our newly aquired red scarves…. we noticed that we were dressed as twinsies. We had gone all over town without realizing that we matched. And with the addition of the scarves, our outfits made it necessary for us to part ways.

-trixie and lola

backwards and forwards

dress and boots: target, necklace: bluefly, earings: lavande, sunglasses and bracelet: h&m

I LOVE the GO International lines at Target, and they have newly released some of their best sellers. I already had the magenta Tucker dress, picked up two other dresses last weekend, and now I am stalking a little striped number online to see if it comes back into stock. I was wearing this dress and something felt not-quite-right. I really don’t understand why my back needs a ruffle v-neck. So I turned it around and it’s much better, don’t you agree?

shoes: tibi (via hautelook), necklace: vera wang for kohls



This post on Design*Sponge reminded me so much of being 22 years old and fresh out of college. A lot of my friends from college ended up living in San Francisco and we were all new to the city. Living in little apartments and aquiring new housewares, we all had the urge to host little get-togethers. We had dinner parties, pot lucks, and started a book club and a stock club. Itching to build our domestic skills, or maybe just get together and drink wine, we asked Trixie’s mom to come and give us knitting lessons. She met with us for a couple of nights to make sure we got the hang of it, and left us to our super-basic scarf making. This is a much better designed take on that, and makes me want to break out my knitting needles again!

all photos: design*sponge




  skirt: j.crew, sweater: bcbg, boots: steve madden

This is the crazy twilight hour of dog madness, otherwise known as what happens when my dog does not get a daily walk.

She goes to the office with me everyday day and works hard at greeting customers and bringing them her toys. She is well behaved all day until we get home. Then she shoots to the backyard like an uncoiled spring and unleashes all of her energy. She bounces up and down on her hind legs like a kangaroo and zooms through the yard as fast as she can. Then she likes to combine the two and as she zooms past me, she will bounce up and head-butt me. And as I rub my head and promise not to skip her afternoon walk anymore, she looks at me and is clearly thinking “I’m sorry I had to do that to you, but I’m glad you learned a lesson here today.”



zara lookbook

I love this clean and simple outfit in red, black and tan. This was the inspiration for last Monday’s outfit, and it just did not work. The pants were to baggy, the top was too clingy in the middle. It just did not work.

Today I tried this color palatte again, and I think it looks much more pulled together. Forgive the shady porch pictures, I was trying to stay out of the rain.

skirt and scarf: h&m, sweater: club monaco, necklace: j.crew, shoes: target