olympics are awesome

Only one week left until opening ceremonies at the 2012 London Olympics! Are you ready to watch some of the greatest athletes complete for the gold?

I would love to deck myself out in some patriotic gear, and I just can’t decide on the personalized official collection by Ralph Lauren or the vintage tees at the Gap. Trixie already has plenty of vintage olympics gear from the 1984 olympics, when she became obsessed and even had an olympics themed birthday party. She is no less enthusiastic about the games today, as obviously they aren’t getting any less awesome.



Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere looks great in her official gear.

I wonder if I could get the husband into these:


I need some art on my walls and I’m toying with the idea of an olympic photograph. This is my current fave:

I personally love the sports that are a little old-fashioned. Rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, table tennis and badminton are my favorites. I hope they get their fair share of airtime this year. Get in on the action with some props. I fully intend to participate with my own rhythmic gymnastics ribbon wand. Which, by the way, is so much cooler than the balls or hoops.

Get excited, be patriotic, just don’t wear this sweater.




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