catching up

We spent a fantastic Sunday catching up and goofing around. We strolled around Union Square, grabbed lunch at Cafe De La Presse, and spent some quality time at Zara and Barneys, where the dressing rooms had these fun silhouettes with names and personality snipets.

Then we relaxed on the couch with the cutest baby ever.

And he might be the only person in the world who is still super cute after using the Fatbooth app.

And somehow, as the afternoon came to an end and we both put on our newly aquired red scarves…. we noticed that we were dressed as twinsies. We had gone all over town without realizing that we matched. And with the addition of the scarves, our outfits made it necessary for us to part ways.

-trixie and lola


2 responses to “catching up

  1. Tell Trixie I’ll be borrowing her name…it said “Sexy Single Mom”

    Must get the fatbooth app!

  2. Nice idea for the walls of the dressing rooms.

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