This post on Design*Sponge reminded me so much of being 22 years old and fresh out of college. A lot of my friends from college ended up living in San Francisco and we were all new to the city. Living in little apartments and aquiring new housewares, we all had the urge to host little get-togethers. We had dinner parties, pot lucks, and started a book club and a stock club. Itching to build our domestic skills, or maybe just get together and drink wine, we asked Trixie’s mom to come and give us knitting lessons. She met with us for a couple of nights to make sure we got the hang of it, and left us to our super-basic scarf making. This is a much better designed take on that, and makes me want to break out my knitting needles again!

all photos: design*sponge



2 responses to “knit-wit

  1. mmm that lifestyle in san fran sounds pretty darn good to me!
    cool blog!

  2. Such nice pics!


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