playing chicken

pants: gap, shoes: tory burch, jacket: club monaco, shirt: i can’t remember

This morning I woke up hearing an odd garbled clucking sound. I laid in bed thinking about how Mr. Lola once killed my dream of having backyard chickens because of a city ordinace against keeping live poultry. As I listened to the clucking, I wondered if one of our neighbors had chickens in their backyard and if they were getting away with it…. that meant that I could have chickens too! I was blissfully staring at the ceiling and planning where I would put my new chicken coop when Mr. Lola rolled over and sleepily asked me “do you hear the turkeys? I think they’re in our backyard.” And with that one simple question, Mr. Lola killed my dream of backyard chickens; for the second time.



One response to “playing chicken

  1. ohhhhh that Mr. Lola! Sorry about the chickens…again! Love the outfit! I want the shoes!

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